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Board Of Directors

Ernie Silveri, President

Occupation: General Manager, Western HatcheryErnie Silveri President

I live and work in Abbotsford and have been the General Manager at Western Hatchery for over 25 years.  I’ve been a director on the Abbotsford Agrifair board since 1997.  I have been President, as well as, chairing a number of committees.

I have seen many changes over the years and feel things are only getting better. I am proud of the direction the fair is going and growing.  I believe Agrifair is in a growth spurt, with growing pains attached.  I feel that with my strong committee ties, experience with the business community and the fair, as well as my ability to connect with sponsors and City enables me to serve Agrifair well.


Stephanie Nelson, Vice President

Occupation:  Executive Director of the BC Hatching Egg Commission.Stephanie Nelson Vice President

I have been with the Hatching Egg Commission for 8 years and a part of Agrifair for 2. I have strong ties to agriculture as I was raised on a farm and enjoy working with the ag community. I love Abbotsford! I work and live here and think community involvement is so important, especially community involvement that showcases where food comes from! I  love serving your community in this capacity Where I can contribute my unique perspective from my own experiences.


Bob Street, Treasurer

The combination of informative agricultural outreach and spectacle-style entertainment is often a dynamic combination, and when integrated successfully, there can be mutual benefits for all.Bob Street Treasurer.

I am the current Chairman of the Country Horse Classic, and with a total of thirty- seven years of experience ranging from 4-H, to large or small scale horse shows, rodeos, and sponsorships, I feel my decades of commitment to encouraging agricultural appreciation are best suited to this ongoing opportunity with the Abbotsford community.

I am self-employed, self-motivated, and am pleased to meet the obligations and time commitments required for this volunteer position, as I feel that the Agrifair is worth the commitment of my time and efforts.  I commute from Coquitlam to Abbotsford on a regular basis to be involved with the fair.    

I do hope to see you at the fair in 2016, there is something for everyone from the “Best little country fair on Earth”


Sharilyn Fritz, Secretary

sharilyn photo.jpg

Volunteering at Agrifair for the past four years has been fun and rewarding. In my new role as a Director I look forward to a more in-depth volunteering experience. Every year the fair has a fresh perspective and an ever expanding scope of community interests. I’m excited to see the return of the demo derby and motorcycle stunt riders. Deep fried pickles are a must of mine. I love the equestrian events and can't wait to see the new logging show.  


Naylene Beirnes, Director

naylene beirnes.jpg

I have been involved with the Abbotsford Agrifair since 2012. Being involved in all aspects of the fair; everything from cleaning out stalls, working directly with the vendors and working as the Livestock Coordinator has helped evolve my passion for the fair. My passion for animals and the 4-H program is what enticed me to become a board member. I want to see the 4-H and Livestock programs thrive! Being a 10 year 4-H Alumni myself, I have personally seen what the program can do for you.  I graduated in June of 2016 from the University of the Fraser Valley’s Agriculture Program. I worked at AgSafe for the past three years, where I gained knowledge in the Agricultural Health & Safety Industry. Recently I started at BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commission, where I am hoping to expand my career in the poultry industry.


Susan Krochter, Director

I joined the Abbotsford Agrifair in 2000 as an Associate Director, helping out in the Creative Living Section.  2001Susan Krochter Secretary was my first year as an official director; I oversaw the Creative Living area.  In 2002 I was elected to the Executive were I have held the position of Secretary and Treasurer. 

As our Board of Directors is an all hands on working board I have been able to either oversee or help in many different areas of the fair including preparing all the food for our entertainment, VIP's, and the volunteers. I also oversaw information and display of the poultry and pigeon area; and work with sponsorship committee to ensure the Abbotsford Agrifair is a success.  In the past 16 years I have seen many changes and many new and exciting acts come to the fair and I can hardly wait to see what is next for Abbotsford Agrifair. Hope to see you all at this year’s fair!


Matthew Malkin, Director   


I am a businessman from Abbotsford who grew up on a dairy farm. From a very young age I have been involved in Abbotsford Agrifair, including as the foreman for Len Van Reeuwyk, the current Grounds Master for 4 years. In the past, I had been a part of the Board for four years.  I feel that I am a passionate asset and a true team player. I have enjoyed seeing the fair grow and change and I look forward to serving on the Agrifair board again. 


Keith Nash, Director

Keith Nash.png

After working 34 years in the poultry industry I have entered into the next phase of my life, semi retirement.  Most of my life I have worked in agriculture  In 1981, I started a career with Lilydale that lasted for the next 34 years. During that time I had the pleasure of visiting farms across Canada, the USA and also in Europe. In 2013, I was fortunate to join the directors of Agrifair for two years. An opportunity arose for me to rejoin the board in 2016.  Now I happy to be part of the board for another two years. I can use my experience to help make 2017 & 2018 successful years during Agrifair. 


Poul Pederson, Director

Poul Pederon.png

I spent all of my childhood on local dairy farms working and playing and enjoying the farm life in the Fraser Valley. I have spent a lot of my career in the distribution of milk and eggs to Greater Vancouver customers with Golden Valley Foods and Birchwood Dairy. For the last ten years, I have been working with my wife Sherry, in a yard maintenance business developing long-term relationships with their customers. In the last of couple years I have teamed up with Abbotsford’s Valley Pulp & Sawdust Carriers Ltd. I look forward to serving on the Agrifair board.


Lorne Webster, Director 

Occupation: Recently retired from Seed Sales, Beef farmerLorne WebsterI have been on the Agrifair board of directors for 8 yrs. I am very active in the 4-H organization, and have been a 4-H Leader for 36 years. I have attended the fair every year since my family moved to the area in the 1960's. 
I am the Livestock Chair at the fair and as we move to restructure and reinvent the fair I strive to ensure the Agriculture component brings urbanites and ruralites closer together. I believe it is important to Showcase Agriculture to our ever growing population to help them understand where and how their food is produced. I look forward to the challenge of a "New Fair" !


Tom Oostenbrug, Fraser Valley Antique Farm Machinery Representative

I have lived in Abbotsford for 48 years and have been an active member of Fraser Valley Antique Farm Machinery Association (FVAFMA), where I am a Tom Ostenbrug Director, for over 19 years. FVAFMA takes pride in educating and providing a trip down memory lane to the public. I have spent the last few years acting as the liaison between FVAFMA and

Agrifair. I am a plumber and gasfitter and work in the commercial industry. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and collecting and restoring antique gas engines. I have been happily married for 23 years and have two children and a Bouvier. I am looking forward to the continued success of Agrifair. 


Melanie Kish, Fair Manager

Melanie Kish

I have been involved with Agrifair since 1998. For six years I managed the gates and night security team.  In 2007, I was invited to be part of the Office Staff.  At the end of 2016, I accepted the title of Fair Manager. I truly love my job and my community. I have a real desire to produce an event that Abbotsford can be proud to call its own. I believe the event called Agrifair is a Community Leader. 


Councillor Moe Gill, City Representative

Moe Gill was elected as an Abbotsford City Councillor in 1996. He has served on many committees including: Traffic Safety Advisory Committee; Councillor GillMatsqui Dyking, Drainage, and Irrigation Committee; AgriFair Board; Fraser Valley Regional District Board; Glen Valley Dyking District Committee; Local Court of Revisions for Frontage Tax, and the Parcel Tax Review Panel. Moe has also served with many organizations, including: Fraser Valley Cole Crop Growers Association; Fraser Valley Strawberry Growers Association; B.C. Raspberry Growers Association; Federal Agricultural Employment Services; MSA Museum Society; Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association; Abbotsford-Matsqui Rotary; Dasmesh Punjabi School; and the Abbotsford Foundation.