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A Star Art Parlor

Face Painting:

A-Star Art Parlour Face painting is the perfect activity for everyone, even adults. Our artists can paint from popular children designs, quick 2 minute or less designs, to adult movie quality face & arm painting. With our talented and professionally trained artists there are no limitations! Come by our specially designed booth located in the outside food court area during the Fun Agrifair!

Strolling Attractions:

Come see Anna & Elsa, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Rapumzel, a Stilt Walker, and a 6 foot tall tricycle. With games, autographs, giveaways, story time, photos, magic shows, and comedy. There will be lots of magical fun happening at Agrifair!

Balloon Twisting:

All guests watch with amazement while our A-Star artists twist multiple balloons into a cute design. All ages love our fun and cute designs. Our artists look colourful and are walking around the grounds of the Agrifair at times. If you can’t find a twister walking around come by our small booth set up located by the animals.

Airbrush Tattoos:

Airbrush tattoos, being painless, fast and fun will always be one of the most popular activities.

Airbrush Tattoos are quick, bright, and most colourful “tats” on the market. Come by our booth located in the food court on the Agrifair grounds and get “Tattooed”.

Henna Tattoos:

Henna/Mehndi is a traditional tattoo body art used to celebrate special occasions worldwide. Its origins are dated back over 5000 years. From traditional Mehndi (Hindu) designs to the new Western world designs, A-Star artists can freehand any design requested when you come by our booth located in the food court area on the Agrifair grounds. It’s a perfect activity for a nice hot day!

Check out the A-Star Art Parlour website.

Story Time:

Come see Anna and Elsa at story time and read your favourite books. These princesses will be at the fair all weekend long! Don't forget all princesses love to read, especiallyl with their friends!