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More Action on Center Grounds

by Abbotsford Agrifair | May 26th, 2016 |    0comments
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More Action on Center Grounds

The best little country fair on earth!
Plan for the best 3 days of your summer to be at Agrifair!
Your “stay-cation” destination.
Haven’t heard yet?
Agrifair is the place to be July 29 to 31, 2016

“It’s not the same Agrifair as we have had the past couple years. So much has changed – if your still saying “ it’s the same every year” you are very wrong!”, stated Vice President Stephanie Nelson.

Our center grounds includes a grassy area, gravel area and pavement area and this year the area has never seen this much action! The grassy area has been turned into a place to sit, relax, have a burger and watch some good old fashion entertainment. Grab a burger, a pop or cold spirit, sit under a shaded area and be entertained by Richard’s Racing Pigs & Ducks, next up - the West Coast Lumberjack show. The kids will have a blast! And parents can take a “aw” moment. There will be plenty to see and do just in this area, and with misting tents to help keep everyone cool – what a great place to chill.

But if you need more action, the all new Shooting Star Amusements Midway will fill the gravel and pavement in front of the Cadet building. Plenty of rides to thrill every one of all ages at a price that can make every family happy. Shooting Star Amusements is NEW to Agrifair and with a new midway comes excitement, they old saying “what do they got that the other midway didn’t?” guess you will have to come see to find out!

As well, the center of the fairgrounds will feature Twisters Gymnastics showing off the amazing sport personalities they host and giving the inexperienced a chance to see what it’s all about! Twisters has partnered with Agrifair for several years to show off their area, so much fun to try new things! M Kish, Assistant Manager stated “we are so thankful that Twisters opens their doors during the fair, we really feel it is important to support each other and what a better way than to show what they can do to our guests.”

NEW this year the educational ConeZone will be split into two areas. One will include the educational road safety awareness area with Segways. Parents and youth can experience the road safety rules and come away with a new appreciation of the yellow vested traffic personal. Not only that though you can try the “pay as you play” drifting go-kart area. Your own personal “Tokyo drift arena!”

But lets not forget the Cadet building – home of wrestling! “Who knew wrestling was so popular? Why fix what ain’t broke”, stated President Ernie Silveri. “For the past six years we have worked with Mike Hammond of ICW & ECCW and every year there is standing room only in the building.” Last year Mike Hammond, better known as Democrat The Authority, brought midget wrestling to the fair. We can’t wait to see what he will do this year.

Get ready Abbotsford and beyond…….Agrifair is the best country fair on earth!

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