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Chris August

Agrifair's Main Stage concert line up for 2018 has something for everyone. Be sure to enjoy Chris August on the MAIN STAGE! All performances including CONCERTS are INCLUDED with your Gate Admission!! Seating is outdoors and general admission, so please bring your favourite lawn chair and enjoy the shows!!

The Maker

Performance is on Sunday August 5th, 2018

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"These songs mean more to me than anything I've ever done..."
Says the guy who brought us "Starry Night," took home a Dove Award for New Artisit of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year in the same year. Says the guy who had had a distinct, life-altering,life-saving encounter with his Maker.

In 2012, Chris August's entire world turned upside down when a skateboarding accident put him in the hospital with a bruised and bleeding brain.  Eventually, his body began to heal, but the incident left him dependant on medication. When he weaned hiself off, depression set in. "It was by far the hardest year of my life," says Chris. "But that's when a huge breakthrough happened." While on tour with Big Daddy Weave, he became an eye witness to healing and redemption. When he prayed for his own, God's answer was immediate, tangible and soon became the bedrock of what is now Chris's third album, The Maker.

Each song is personal, yet inviting; challenging, yet encouraging. Renewing his partnership with Ed Cash in the producer's chair, the musicality takes the message of each song exactly where Chris is hoping it will go - straight into the heart of someone who needs to hear, see, touch, believe, hope. "There's nothing better than when you're at a show and someone comes up before or after and says a song impacted them," Chris says. "I never take that for granted. Without that, all I'm doing is making music. It's just songs and melody and what's the point?" he concludes. "But when it's impacting someone and inspiring them and encouraging them and the Lord's in the point, it's much more than music."