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Country Horse Classic

Nothing better then the classics, the Country Horse Classic is an Agrifair favourite.

Performing daily in the Richard Meyer Electrical Arena. Come and enjoy the show featuring some of your favourites including:

Drill Teams

The Drill Team Equestrian horses will amaze you with their grace and prestine timing. Horses and riders performing choreographed maneuvers to music. Showing great sportsmanship, horsemanship and dedication, the Drill Team will be sure to entertain you.

Draft Horses

This majestic horse always wows their admirers. Their shear size is formidable; their strength and power shows in their stance. The Draft Horse, also know as "heavy horse" is conisdered to be a working horse. Able to pull heavy loads, this horse was widely used in the Agricultural life, pulling plows and working the farm with farmers. No longer used for farming, this incredible horse is commonly seen during fairs like the Agrifair. Some of the breeds included in the Draft Horse family include, The Belgian's The Clysdale's, and The Percherons.

Yule Kids

These are the FINEST junior trick and fancy riders, roman riders and whip artists, trick ropers in North America today!YULE KIds.png

Trained and mentored by the leaders of the industry. The troop of athletic and talented kids combine to create an ultimate, energetic, fast-paced crowd experience, with a different act every performance. Crowds will have a unique experience with fast and famous ponies.