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Dally and Spanky

Proudly sponsored by Magnuson Ford, we are so excited to have this dynamic duo join us at Agrifair 2018!

Their bond was special from the start!

Performing their tricks, Spanky The Miniature horse and his buddy Dally the Jack Russell!

A few years ago the Rother Hosemanship team rescued Spanky - a then two-year-old miniature horse. He was overweight and close to founder. Aggressive to people and other horses, he was obviously the boss. The next few weeks he wreaked havoc on everyone he met, biting, kicking and even drawing blood on a few. For the next year they taught him some skills using their groundwork program and he slowly learned to be respectful to people and other horses. Within a year he was a changed horse - although his (naughty) personality stayed intact.

Francesca started teaching him some tricks and liberty such as the bow, lie down, roll over, Spanish walk, along with liberty  - using Steve’s DVD’s on Trick Training and Liberty, Click Here

Then we found a Jack Russell  - Dally, who was the runt of the litter. She was only 6 months old but would sit and watch Francesca work with Spanky. One day, she hopped up onto Spanky’s back from a step stool...and that day they became inseparable.


Spanky and Dally

They are animal SUPERSTARS, recongnized by acclaimed National Geographic.

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TV  - Featured on national Geographic wild TV (2016), Appeared on the David Letterman show (Dec 2014) and won at the World Dog awards in Hollywood (2016).  Featured on Japanese TV (Sept 2016). Live demonstration at the prestigious WA DC International Jumping show (Oct 2016)

Books  - Their own book  - The Great Adventures of Dally and Spanky - illustrated with beautiful photos and telling their true story, can be purchased in our store. 
(They are also featured in: Unlikely Animal Friends Dogs  - workman books and
will be featured in the National Geographic book: “Amazing Dogs” out spring 2018)

The Dynamic Duo have been featured in numerous Dog and Equine magazines all around the world.

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Youtube: The Horseteacher  - “Dally and Spanky Collection” (Quarter of a million views)