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Laughing Loggers

This year Agrifair is bringing an international act to town and they are ready to get you laughing like possums up pine trees! The Laughing Loggers Lumberjack Show will be performing daily.

These international performers can't wait to put the smiles on your dials, it is a show not to miss! Not only this, but if your looking for your inner lumberjack or Jill, they will show you how.

Have a chance at throwing hatchets with the Laughing Logger stars in the all NEW BattleAxe lanes. These fully enclosed lanes will allow everyone to be trained by staff to try their hand at throwing a hatchet and getting the top score. Fun, Safe, and a must do!

The Laughing Loggers will be providing Agrifair with non-stop entertainment for three days, enjoy a show, throw a hatchet, or check out the art. There is something for everyone guaranteed.


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Special Guest

Ryan Cook - "The Cookie Bear"

The wild blonde haired carver from the HGTV Canada series “Carver Kings“ got his start in carving playing the apprentice from the television series "Saw Dogs". He has quickly become one of the top carvers and most recognized names in the world of power carving.

Ryan carves full time out of Vancouver, British Columbia, and has competed all over the world. He turned pro in the summer of 2013 at the Campbell River, shoreline arts competition, where he took first place. He placed 1st place as the People's Choice in both Campbell River & Gold River Champioships in 2016 & 2017, and 2nd  place as the Peoples Choice, at the Canadian Championships in Ontario. Having only been carving for five years, he has come a long way in this short time. He is the first Canadian to be sponsored by Echo Canada, Cannon Bars, Makita Power Tools & Saburrtooth. He is also sponsored by Pfanner Clothing, Fraserway RV, Gustafons Dodge Williams Lake & Canawrap.

The owner of Saw Valley Carvings Inc.; he has formed the top Carving team in the world, and is making a major impact in progressing the world of chainsaw. Ryan spends all year around traveling and carving all over Canada and the world.  Ryan is currently enrolled in art school; he eats, sleeps and breathes sculpture. “We’re all a group of talented misfits and this is where I belong”

Follow his life daily

Contact Ryan for Events, Demonstrations and carvings @