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Special Guests for 2018 include Short Sleeve Sampson


El Loco!

Short Sleeve Sampson

Short Sleeve SampsonWant to watch some exhilarating and thrilling wrestling matches? Agrifair is very honoured and super excited to announce that this year we will have some of the best midget wrestlers in the house. Two confirmed wrestlers are members of The Midget Wrestling Warriors. Don't be fooled by their size, they are ready to bring down any giant that gets in their way! 

Short Sleeve Sampson is one of entertainments most recognizable ‘Midget’ performers. At 4'2" tall, his trademark saying ‘It’s Midget Time’ has become world renown and loved by fans of all ages.  Short Sleeve Sampson has appeared several times on WWE Raw as well as WWE Smackdown, TNA Impact, and Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling and now he is the co-owner of The Midget Wrestling Warriors!  

To learn more about Short Sleeve Sampson, check out his website!


El Loco

El Loco is by far one of the craziest midget wrestlers to ever get in a wrestling ring.

El Loco was born in Mexico City in the early 1980's and fought his way out of the barrio and ended up in America. Since then, he has acclaimed such awards as 1st Place in the Inaugural Bike Rally Golf Cart Demolition Derby.

To learn more about Loco, check out is Facebook page

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