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Richards Racers

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racing pigsBill Beaulieu better known to folks as Buffalo Bill started with humble beginnings, born in a barn, in 1960, Quesnel, BC.  

Still living in Quesnel, Bill has been doing pig races during his vacation time from West Fraser Mills for the past seven years. How did Bill get in to pig racing? Pure luck, he was watching the races at the PNE for the second year in a row and after the race while chatting with the owner of Richard’s Racers and he just happen to mention he was selling the pig racing show and asked if I knew anyone interested. Bill thought to himself “this is right up my alley, I love pigs, I love kids - what more could you ask for?” And like he’s says during the show “AND THERE OFF!!!!: So was Bill.

Now in our eighth year, I still get excited to go get baby pigs and  start training.

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